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My Story

Ronald Lee Jr., best known as the music producing lyricist, iRonicLee, is a Detroit born music producer, lyricist, songwriter, and the CEO and Founder of What’s The Irony Productions and Irony Media Group.

With a trumpet playing father, songstress mother and sisters, and a host of musically gifted uncles, aunts and cousins, his love for music came natural. iRonicLee was compelled to use music as a tool to rise above negative inner-city influences and to escape from the blue-collar mentality of the era. Although his music career began by showcasing his talent as a lyricist, Lee quickly realized his natural ability to create innovative music. 

With a name deriving from the word irony, which can be defined as a paradox or something that is deliberately contrary to what is expected, iRonicLee’s unique style is unlike the norm. His vision of creating a collection of work, that is in essence a modern Motown, is well underway. Working with many prolific artists such as Zo!, Mahogany Jones, Kris Johnson, Iomas Marad, Majestic Legend, The Vandella’s, R-Swift, Corey Red and Chris Lawson, has equipped iRonicLee with the experience and knowledge to succeed as a heavyweight in the music industry.

iRonicLee is a husband, father, coach, mentor, and community activist who’s vision is in motion and is projected to reach new heights. The best is yet to come for this selfless, driven visionary and the legacy of great music he is destined to share with the world.

What I Do

I Teach.

I will guide you by helping you clarify the vision and mission of your business and how it fits in with your personal goals and purpose. I also help creative Entrepreneurs profit from their creativity by growing a loyal following. 

I Train.

I help you solidify the foundation of your business (i.e. LLC Registration, EIN Registration, Business Bank Account). I also educate you on what branding is, why it’s important and help you create your brand from a messaging and visual stand point.

I Transform.

I will help you develop your brand and social media marketing strategy that will help with organic growth on social media and position you for paid growth, when you’re ready. I show you how to monetize your audience.  

How It Works

I Teach, I Train and I Transform You Through One-on-One Coaching. I meet with my clients once a week (virtually) to help strategize and execute your business plan. Are you ready to learn how to profit from your creativity and build a sustainable business? Click below to schedule a FREE strategy call!

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